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...shakespeare's eldest daughter...

{or the adventures of a girl named suzarella}

14 August 1987

I am rather odd.

Born in the wrong decade/An old lady trapped in a young girl's body.

Excessivly fond of tea, old-style sweetshops, 1940s clothing, dusty records, ancient books, red lipstick & vertigo-inducing heels.

1940s, afternoon tea, agent provocateur, albert camus, alice in wonderland, anais nin, angela carter, anti-folk, autumn blackberry picking, background jazz, being a complete elitest, black coffee, books ostensibly for children, burlesque, cigarette holders, clara bow, cocorosie, colour, colt, confetti, creating&destroying with pen&ink, dancing shoes, david lynch, diet cherry cola, dita von teese, doing crosswords in pen, dollhouses, dr. seuss, dresses, dusty old records, eating flowers, edie sedgwick, ella fitzgerald, emulating a literary lioness, erte, eternal sunshine, eugenio recuenco, fairgrounds, fairytales, fashion, fireengine red lipstick, fox confessors, francesca lia block, geisha girls, glitter, glittery carousel horses, golden era hollywood, goldfrapp, grammer, green apples, hardback books, haruki murakami, haute couture, jean paul satre, joanna newsom, kabuki, ladytron, leonard cohen, lilacs, literary chic, little red riding hood, living as ophelia, living in libraries, living with eating disorders, lolita, loretta lux, lost in translation, lulu guinness, magical realism, maple bee, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, modern-vintage clothes, modernism & post-modernism, moschino, nancy boys, nancy sinatra, ninteen-seventies manga, old-fashioned caberet, old-time sweet shoppes, oscar wilde, patrick wolf, patti smith, peacock feathers, pearls, peggy lee, pencil skirts, perfume bottles, philosophy, photography, pink roses, pj harvey, playing at empress, playing dress-up, poetry, polka dots, portishead, pretension, proper gin-martini, punchkin zoo, queen adreena, racoon eyes, rasputina, red wine, regina spektor, roald dahl, romance, rose petal tea, sarcasm, scribbling, serendipity, shanghai baby, shoes, shopping, silk butterflies, sobraine-cocktail cigarettes, spirted away, stephen fry, stream of consciousness, suspenders/stockings, tabitha zu, teacups, the & symbol, the cure, the dresden dolls, the little prince, the virgin suicides, the wizard of oz, theological questions, to the lighthouse, tom waits, tori amos, tragedy, v-v-vinyl, vapid dolly, velvet underground, vertigo heels, viktor & rolf, vintage pornography, violet tumble, violet turkish delight, virginia woolf, vivienne westwood, vladimir nabokov, wei hui, wild raspberries, windy beaches, winter picnics, worn-out typewriters, writing fiction